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What We Do?

Welcome to LogbookLoanPros, your most trusted source for all things logbook loan. If you are in search for the fastest way to raise cash, but are worried about your poor credit, then there’s no solution better than a logbook loan. We can help you find just the right lender for your needs within minutes! We work with one of the leading broker sites in the UK, TopLogbookLoan, to bring you the best quotes. Simply provide your contact details through our online form and we will get back at you with a FREE quote instantly! Get more details here.

What is a Logbook Loan?

While there are car title loans in the US, the UK has a counterpart known as the logbook or V5 loan. Logbook loans are secured, short-term loans designed to let you withdraw your vehicle’s cash. With a V5 loan, your car’s “logbook” or V5 document will be kept by the logbook lender until your debt is paid back in full. This gives the lender the authority to repossess your vehicle if you default on payments.

What makes a logbook loan popular is that it lets you borrow money even with bad credit. Because there are no credit checks to fulfill, you’ll be able to obtain your cash quickly and hassle-free. You can borrow between £500 and £50,000 depending on your vehicle’s worth, and your money will be available within 24 hours so you can use it on your important expenses.

Who is it for?

You’ll mostly benefit from a logbook loan if you have been turned down a loan everywhere else because of bad credit or insufficient credit history. Whether you have CCJs, arrears, previous foreclosures or repossessions, or have even been bankrupt, you’ll have nothing to worry about because a V5 loan will not question your credit. All you need is a working vehicle that you legally own and proof of income, and you’re good to go!

If you need fast cash, whether you have good or bad credit, you can also take advantage of a logbook loan’s instant process. Even with good credit, you may have to wait a while securing a loan with traditional lenders because of paperwork and credit checks. Logbook loans, on the other hand, focus on your needs rather than your credit, and make money instantly available for you to use immediately.

Why Would You Need It?

There are many reasons why a person would need such immediate money, accidents and medical expenses are just a few. If you’ve got an emergency and you’re cash-strapped, but unfortunately no one would lend you money, you can turn to logbook loan for instant solution.

Logbook loans aren’t only meant for emergencies, though. Because you have absolute freedom on where to use the V5 money, you can spend it any way you want. You can use it to buy a new gadget, pay for that long-desired vacation, or even pay for your car’s repair itself.

In times of financial crises, the least you would want is to get rejected on your loan applications. LogbookLoanPros can guarantee 100% acceptance. Simply complete our online form or call us TOLL FREE so we can help you get started.

What are the Benefits?

Evidently, the main benefit with a V5 loan is that there are no credit checks, so you can borrow regardless of your credit. Even if you’ve had court judgments or public records, you can borrow so long as you have a means to meet the repayments.

With logbook loans, you may also have full control over your payment schedule. You may choose between weekly and monthly payments, whatever is convenient for you. Additionally, you can shorten or extend your term depending on your affordability. You can even pay back the loan amount in full once you have the money, without any early exit fees.

Another important benefit is that you can keep driving your car while under the loan. As long as your payments are up to date, you can keep using your car without any problems.

Lastly, the money is available almost instantly! All it takes is a few seconds of your time to fill in our online form, and you can get your results within minutes! You can get your cash within the day or even within an hour after successful application, so that you can start using the much-needed cash immediately.

How to Obtain a Logbook Loan with LogbookLoan Pros?

Here at LogbookLoan Pros, we can help you find the perfect lender for your specific needs, which saves you the time and money doing it yourself. We are not a logbook loan company, but rather, our aim is to bring you closer to the top logbook lenders across UK, so you can ensure to secure a deal with a reputable company. All you have to do is fill in our form to provide us with your contact and vehicle details.

After giving us your details, we will match you with one of our leading logbook lenders in the country and our logbook loan expert will call you back with a FREE quote. As soon as you’re ready, we can set you up an appointment with the lender at a time and place of your convenience. Just bring the requirements such as proof of ID, proof of income, your vehicles’ logbook, MOT certificate, and insurance details to ensure a speedy transaction.

If everything goes well and you’ve come upon with an agreement that you’re comfortable with, then all that is left is to seal the deal! Choose a payment plan that you can afford and you can drive back home with your money within the day! Click here for more details about the payment schedule.

It could never be easier getting a logbook loan with LogbookLoanPros. Our service doesn’t cost you anything nor require your commitment. We are here to help 24/7, so feel free to use our online form or call us to get your FREE quote.

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